Dental tourism into the family clinic “NIKA”

There is a tradition that everyone at least once in life has to visit St. Petersburg.

And those who have already visited it want to come here again.

In the modern world, we often have to save our time doing several things at the same time.

Dental tourism will help you to combine the professional teeth treatment for your beautiful smile and unforgettable trip to St. Petersburg.



The “NIKA” clinic slogan says: «A human is a superior creation of nature and, therefore, he has to have a healthy teeth and a beautiful smile!”

Do your teeth react on a cold or hot? Did they darken? Are you shy to give a wide smiles? - We will clean, treat and preserve everything what you have!

You do not like the color of your teeth? – We will whiten them and put veneers.

Do you miss one tooth? – We will put implant and a dental crown.

Do you miss several teeth? – We will insert a prosthetic bridge.

Are there no teeth in your mouth? – We will make removable prosthesis denture or  All-on-4" for you.

 Nowadays, dental technologies of functional and aesthetic teeth treatment have reached the point when even the most difficult and hereditary teeth problems are possible to remedy.

You could forget about dental visits for several years, after once you treat your teeth professionally! Afterwards, you should come to a dental hygienist only for teeth inspections and cleaning just every half a year.

Only high qualified specialists with the professional experience more than 7 years are working in our clinic. Every of our dentists attended more than 10 additional training courses and attestations. Consequently, you will get safe, high quality dental treatment! Only proven and modern dental techniques are applied in our praxis. As a result, you will get the healthy teeth for a long time!

Family dentistry “NIKA” offers You to combine a wonderful trip to St. Petersburg with a professional dental treatment! You would be able to see many memorial and sightseeing places and to memorize your impressions on photos with wide beautiful smile on your face.

Your trip would like following:

  1. You call to us or order a call back and our specialists will make the first phone consultation for you. The possible travelling days would be agreed.
  2. You choose the most convenient for you transportation method (by airplane, by train or by bus)  to St. Petersburg and buy the tickets.
  3. We will provide the transfer for you from the airport, train or bus station to the hotel.
  4. Afterwards, you will visit our dentistry where the detailed plan of treatment and appointment timetable would be scheduled for you. 
  5. Depending on the length of your stay and treatment intensity, different excursions programs would be offered for you. It can be group, individual or family choices.
  6. At the end of your stay, you will get the further treatment plan (if needed). Moreover, the transfer to airport railway or bus station will be organized for you as well.

 For further details and a consultation please call us :

+7 (812) 604-24-46;  or order a call back

After compilation of a treatment plan, the hotel accommodation could be compensated!